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Cold calls

At the present time it is quite difficult to get through to the "target" audience: a huge amount of advertising makes it quite difficult to convey information, because sometimes the level of trust is not so high. Therefore, such marketing strategy as direct marketing becomes very popular. It gives an opportunity to make direct, personal contact with the client.

One of the most successful marketing strategy is "Cold" call, more and more it used in sales. "Cold" call gives:

Collect all required data about potential customers;

To learn and analyze the needs of the target customers;

Allow to increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns;

How to attract new users:

Based on our experience, we can say that not all people need to increase the level of sales. Some of the most important are the pool of the audience, also important things is to see their company’s commitment. The specialists-operators of Our Call - Center Tell2tell are ready to assume the responsibility in implementation of the business task, provide assistance in company’s development.

 The control of operators will not be difficult using our technical capabilities. You will be able to use "guest account" in our CRM-system for listening to audio records conversations. At the end of the project, you will receive numbers of decision-makers. It will help you to communicate with a "warm" sale and use a different conversation tactic.

The Variants of "cold" calls:

Database collection.

The most common variant: we develop customer-sorting categories, after which our operators make a call to identify the needs in your services and products. "Warm" or "Hot" customer base is provided to your managers.

Presentation of services or goods by phone.

After completing the stage of identification of decision-makers, our specialists provide a presentation by phone. In case of interest by the client, after it sends to a professional manager within the company.

Complete sale

The operators accompany the customer from the first moment of communication until the final decision. After this, operators give all the information to your managers.