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Hot line

"Hot line" – receipt of client calls to the multichannel Tell2tell phone service center. In communicating with an agent over the phone, the customers receive high service and the most detailed information in a short time, the consumer will answer all the questions, so the client will be able to use the service of ordering goods and services from your company.

Why do we need Hotline service?

All your questions about shares, special offers can be serviced through the work of your company's Hotline service;

Processing and recording of claims and offers;

Implementation of the tasks according to the received requests.

Exceptionally, upon agreement with the Customer, we provide the number 0-800 or a short three-digit number. It is possible to use a standard number for customer service. Received calls will be distributed among specialized operators who are assigned to the project. The operator uses our script or script, which is developed by the Customer. It is possible to use our own CRM-system and the Customers CRM-system, as enshrined in the contract and supplementary agreements between the parties.

The work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will increase the work timeframe with your company’s client, improve the opinion and feedback about you. Every minute and without waiting our operators will be able to provide maximum information about your products and services. Wider use of service “The hot line” is most often used in the conduct of marketing actions, loyalty programs. What is also important, that our specialists using the CRM-system, will be able to connect the client directly to your manager and he will be able to receive focused clients.

The advantages of using our Contact Center Tell2tell:

 -The service of a remote Call-Center are much cheaper than the salary of an employee.

-You don’t have a  problem of renting a larger area or building a new place for the manager's work;

-You do not need to think about manager’s vocation or hospital - All of this falls within our     purview

-According to the agreement, the services provided by our contact center can be provided around the clock;


From the service, you can get:

Reporting of the number of applications received;

Frequency of calls from the customers;

Determining the level of customer loyalty in relation to your company;

Reports, according to your requirements;

Phone records;