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Information through our Call - Center

Fast and high-quality call to your customers in order to prove the important information.

If you need to bring and share the information to potential and existing customers, so you should shoose our Call-Center Tell2Tell. Such information includes promotional and special offers, technical failures or line failures, an invitation to visit event, a special program. During the dialogue, the operator sends all the information you need into the CRM – system, profile or form: the questions, the positive and negative aspects of cooperation, the objections.

Unequivocally, such "Informing" service will increase the degree of customer loyalty in relation to your services, and will increase the influx of potential and new customers.

 Timely informing about planned event to the client will help to decrease the flow of calls, since the subscribers will know the answers to all questions in advance, and at the same time it will help to save the required Service Level. Your managers will not be distracted from their direct activities. Call-center Tell2Tell will do our best to help you!

The "Informing" service is possible in automatic mode, which allows you to notify an unlimited number of subscribers.

The advantages of using our Call - Center Tell2tell:

  • Our operator’s friendly dialogue can convince the client to work with us and a project;
  • The technical capabilities allow you to make a large number of outgoing calls simultaneously;
  • Based on the Customer's requirements, we are ready to make outgoing calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

From the service you can get:

-Customers who are loyal to your company;

-Reports that have answers to important questions;

-Analysis and feedback from your customers;

- Information about your clients proposals and expectations;

- Actual clients and partners information.