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Mysterry caller or Quality Control

We monitor the order execution status timely; We call to customers in order to control the quality.

We provide the feedback for the customer. Any step will influence on the client's commitment to your company. A positively-minded client will always feel himself valuable, he will not have the desire to apply for the competitor. Immediate and timely feedback from the client will give you the tool - to be always aware of the client's mood, to respond and to make some changes to business processes.

Our Call - Center specialists are always ready to make outgoing calls and clarify the client’s opinion and important points of service, such as:

  • In what time was the good delivered?
  • How professional, benevolent and punctual was your company specialist?
  • Did you have any suggestions for improving our services quality?
  • How correct was the client's consultation?

Our call-center Tell2tell is always ready to act as a mystery buyer by phone (Mystery Caller) and to check the quality of manager’s work. Because through professionalism and putting the customer at the heart of our business, we build on a foundation of mutual trust and confidence.

The advantages of using our Call - Center Tell2tell:

  • Thanks to the flexible schedule of our specialists-operators, we are ready to make outgoing calls at any time for the client, even in 24/7;
  • The technical Call - Center equipment automatically fixes the unauthorized calls report and allows to make outgoing calls to numbers without spending time;
  • Reporting can be formed at any time you wish.

From the service you can get:

-Customers who are loyal to your company;

-Reports that have answers to important questions;

-Analysis and feedback from your customers.

- Information about your clients proposals and expectations;

- Actual clients and partners information.