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Number 0-800

Service "short number" and number "0-800 (8-800)" will provide an opportunity for your customers (consumers) to make a free call to a single contact number 0-800 (8-800) -xxx-xx-xx from any city in Ukraine for getting high-quality customer support and information on the disturbing issue. IMPORTANT! Calls made to "Short numbers" and numbers "0-800 (8-800)"  are paid by the owner. The cost of ordering numbers is separately negotiated!

Providing information about promotions, special offers, and advertising campaigns of your company;

Receiving, fixing and processing of complaints and claims;

The positive side for you, using this service:

Service number, which is easy to remember. It is very important contact phone number which used in any advertising directions (video, photo, media), to provide a free hotline, marketing and promotional actions which are short-term or even a one-time term;

The number will not need to be changed when the company’s office is changed during the expansion;

Possibility to receive and process calls from all localities in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS;

The location of the company on the map of Ukraine does not affect the use of these service numbers;

There is an opportunity to perform statistical analysis of incoming calls, the frequency of which will show specific regions where people are most interested;

We distribute incoming calls depending on the schedule of the relevant company’s departments( by the hour and by the days of the week);

Call restriction of unwanted numbers;

Giving free telephony for employees, hired employees or employees who are on a business trip.


Our advantages in using our Call-Center Tell2tell service:

-The service of a remote Call-Center are much cheaper than the salary of an employee.

-You do not have a problem of renting a larger area or building a new place for the manager's work;

-You do not need to think about manager’s vocation or hospital - All of this falls within our purview

-According to the agreement, the services provided by our contact center can be provided around the clock;

-We can consolidate the whole office to use one, contact, phone number.

From the service, you can get: 

  • Reporting of the number of applications received;
  • Frequency of calls from the customers;
  • Determining the level of customer loyalty in relation to your company;
  • Reports, according to your requirements;
  • Phone records;