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Reference and information service

The most important parameters for each company are quality customer service for the best price. This will help to achieve a properly organized Reference and Information Service. The following parameters are included in the Tell2tell Call-Center services:

  • We accept incoming calls / calls from potential and existing customers of your company (phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • We answer the most frequently asked questions;
  • We report about ongoing promotions and special offers;
  • If necessary, if there is a question that requires a more in-depth answer, so our specialists will be able to transfer the call to the appointed specialist, who works in your company;
  • We fix the data on potential customers;
  • We fix the important messages and phone messages;
  • Sending an e-mail from your name and your company’s name;

The service "Reference and Information Service" is aimed at high-quality and efficient processing of incoming calls. First of all, this service will be useful for freeing up your managers time, managers, who spend their time and company’s time to answer standard customer questions. In this case, your users will have access to the operator quickly and without hindrance. Also they will receive a high-quality and professional response to all questions. In cases when there will be not standard or hard questions, we will be able to transfer the call to your company specialist. The opportunity to work 24/7 will allow to feel the continuous support.


Tell2tell Call-center advantages:

  • Our services (in value) will go lower than the salary of the staff secretary;
  • You do not need to spend time and money on renting space for the office organization and workplace organization;
  • Our specialists-agents have sufficient experience and constantly attend specialized trainings and education. Recruiting, training, attestations, holidays and sick leave will not disturb you – we will do everything our self;
  • Individual and maximum flexible pricing policy: we offer all possible payment schedule based on the result or subscription fee, depending on your goals and opportunities.

 From the service, you can get: 

  • Reporting of the number of applications received;
  • Frequency of calls from the customers;
  • Determining the level of customer loyalty in relation to your company;
  • Reports, according to your requirements;
  • Phone records;