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Service "Collection of Accounts receivable".

Work with recovery of accounts receivable is a whole pool of methods and techniques. There are many reasons why a client does not want to pay, situations can be different. That is why it has to be a special agent, who has a personal approach and who collects the information about the debtor client. Our Call-Center Tell2tell has many professionals and we will do our best to help you and your clients.

Call-center Tell2tell is always ready to provide you the best specialists for solving this issue for your company.

The Service "Collection of Accounts receivable" will help you:

  • Raise the percentage of debt repayment;
  • Minimize waste for organizing process of debts;
  • Modernize the management work mechanism with debts of clients.

Practically it looks like this:

The Tell2tell Call-Center specialists call to the debtors to identify the reasons of the debt, to evaluate the possibility of paying, fix the possible amounts and rescheduling terms, then create a detailed report on each client.

Tell2tell offers several types of cooperation in the field of debt collection:

  • Making calls in automatic mode using IVR.

With the help of special software, we make an algorithm of conversation with the subscriber, which can be controlled by voice communication (when you press keys on a mobile or landline). The interval and periodicity of calls is adjusted according to the customer’s preferences.

  • Calls made by our Call-Center specialist.

Tell2tell operators make calls to your subscribers/clients and ask the necessary questions. This gives you more of a client and encourage him to call your manager. According to the most researches, ignoring a living person is much more complicated than an autoinformer.

  • Simultaneous use of 2 methods.

The first stage will be making automatic calls to inform customers about debts. The second stage will be the ringing customers who did not respond to the call of the auto informer.

We will do our best to help your company! Please, feel free to contact our Call-Center Tell2Tell.