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Virtual Secretary

Who is the first person in the company who assumes responsibility in resolving important issues? Of course, this staff member is the secretary. This is the staff member, who first hears the client that is contacting your company. Regardless of the company’s activities, the amount and the influx of incoming calls, customer requests must always be resolved. Our call-center Tell2tell recommends you the "Virtual Secretary" service.

 Serving customers with repetitive, mass questions from customers;

  • Commit customer contact detail and information;
  • Registration of urgent emails for the lieder, supervisor or manager and contact phones;
  • Redirecting of incoming calls to individual specialists;
  • Sending the emails, on behalf of the head;

 The "Virtual Secretary" service will enable you to allocate the time for your specialists work correctly, will prevent you not waste precious time on ineffective treatment. So, that will increase your business productivity: saving money for wages, renting and organizing, a new workplace and the lack of a permanent staff member. That is all will saves your money and your time.

 The advantages of working with call-center Tell2tell comparing with a staff secretary:

  • Our services (in value) will go lower than the salary of the staff secretary;
  • You do not need to spend time and money on renting space for the office organization and workplace organization;
  • Virtual secretary will allow you not to think about the necessary to release the staff secretary on vocation or sick leave, because he works in 24/7 (at your request);
  • With our CRM system you can combine several offices into one network with the only contact phone number.

  Using the service, you will receive:

  • Reports on quantity of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • List of questions most often asked by clients;
  • Call records from customers;

• Other types of reports according to your requirements.