Tour operators

In tourism, every tour operator or agency constantly has to fight for every client. The high level service quality helps to pay attention to your services and your business. In doing so, we have to monitor closely the competitors and trends in the tourism services market.

Indeed, there are many major tour operators who work with Call-centers, as well as some travel agencies. It allows you to keep in contact with your client or us at any time you wish even if you are at a distance from your client. Taking into account the needs for tourism services, we can say that this fact carries a logical grain: managers on direct contact in the client department cannot service a large number of applications, the more they have other tasks and they should devote more time and energy to the matter, so it is not easy for them.

In addition, tourists have a large range of additional, constantly emerging issues: and on flights, insurance, conditions of stay in an unfamiliar country or the availability of the required set of documents. However, how to answer quickly and clearly if the manager department sometimes does not have enough time? The solution of this situation is on the surface, because our call-center Tell2tell is always ready to provide you the Telecommunication Outsourcing Services.

Specialists-agents of our Call-center have a colossal, necessary experience and skills for quality calls service.

Our services to travel agencies 

  1. "Hot Line" - quality and prompt reception of incoming calls from your customers.
  2. Informing - broadcasting of information about actions or events in your company. Guaranteed dubbing of information about any changes and additional benefits in your tour operator work.
  3. Sociological research - detailed information about your target audience and the quality of the services you provide.
  4. Customers return - activities aimed at raising the customer loyalty to the other level. Call for re-use of your company's services.

We are sure that you have a question: "What is the difficulty in creating a Call-center structure in the company itself?" The experience gained by us shows that building an immediate department of processing calls will be much more expensive than using outsourcing services. This is associated with high costs for the jobs creation, equipment, recruitment and staff training.

 The advantages of cooperation with outsourcing call-center Tell2tell  

In selecting and training personnel, we take into account the individual characteristics of the client's business.

  • We use high-quality equipment, which corresponds to modern communication standards.
  • Our specialists-agents have sufficient experience and constantly attend specialized trainings and education.
  • Individual and maximum flexible pricing policy: we offer all possible payment schedule based on the result or subscription fee, depending on your goals and opportunities.
  • Providing detailed reports about customer requests with records of conversations and continuous quality control.
  • Work in a quality CRM-system and creation of an information database about your existing and potential customers.

If you are ready to bring your services and processes to a new communication level or you need to specify details, please fill out the form or call us, we will do our best to help you !