Any integrations

We have extensive experience with popular CRM-systems and specialized software. We perform work within the business processes that you have created.

    • Oracle
    • Saleforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
    • bpm online
    • hub spot
CRM experience

All our agents have experience in using popular CRM and apply it in their work.

Integrating into your business

Fully integrate with your business. We carry out work in the framework of the processes you have built, while maintaining their maximum efficiency.

All popular CRM

We are able to work with all popular CRM-systems and specialized software.

Russian service for business management from 1C-Bitrix.

Global Reservation System for tickets, hotels, cars, cruises and insurance policies.


Sales management tool for small sales departments.


Online accounting system for customers and transactions for the sales department.

Магелан Магелан

Convenient CRM-system for planning, monitoring and managing all tasks.

Use different CRM?

Not a problem — we are ready to work with each system.