01 May 2019

Are contact centers still the best option for your customers?

Are contact centers still the best option for your customers?

More and more interactions between consumers and companies are taking place through digital channels, and smart machines are ready to solve all kinds of tasks that previously required the participation of people. But contact centers would not end in nothingness. Even in the digital age, contact centers continue to be an indispensable tool for increasing sales.

So why so many businesses have decided that contact centers are still the best option for their customers?

VIP services and products

Premium customer service. To begin with, it is a fact that your high-value customers are core of your business success. You can sell any of your products at extra cost simply by offering customers an additional VIP service. For example, banks offers premium card with extra services, online shops can provide fast delivery or custom selected goods, hotels provide the best rooms and free booking. And, of course, all premium customer service enables the opportunity to apply to a 24-hour customer support line dedicated to the GOLD-Club.

Individual approach.  

Technology of smart routing matches a customer to the best group of agents to resolve the issue on the basis of customer attributes and the type of query. Tech support calls from older consumers, for example, can be sent to teams with special skills in helping such customers. Smart routing can also help move a customer who has made contact through an app—and whose identity therefore has already been verified—seamlessly to the best-equipped agent.


Saving thanks to chat rooms

Chat is becoming an increasingly popular contact channel. Although these interactions may take longer than a voice call, an agent can process several requests at the same time, and customers are often happy to multitask, waiting for the agent to respond. Chat interactions can also be easily redirected to low-cost places where agents who are not proficient in the language can answer questions. The chat also provides a platform for sending questions via digital channels or offers advanced services - for example, sending illustrations, brochures or links to a training video to the caller.

Round-the-clock feedback

The call routing and telephony infrastructure, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) systems are in the cloud. This provides greater flexibility to global online stores or companies with offices in many parts of the world. Your business is always in touch, whether it a hotel chain in Indonesia, a bank in Manchester, or an exclusive bike mirror shop in Manitoba.

When companies opt to incorporate call center services, they are making a very important, and almost mandatory, addition to their business as it relates to customer outreach and contact today.

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