07 May 2019

What if your online shop is delivering a poor customer experience?

What if your online shop is delivering a poor customer experience?

Imagine the situation that you have a fast-growing business on Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Etsy, You have invested a lot of work to find a niche, the best products and competitive prices. Your store, thanks to all marketing, had started to make a profit. Every month, your turnover accumulates like a snowball; you ride the wave of success as the owner of a small profitable online store.

In order to interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints you hire staff and rent an office. Yes, the things are going well, but all these additional resources take precious time and demand the lion's share of the profits.

Against a background of growing sales, staff cannot cope with the flow of information, calls, online chat support, prices and product updates. And in the end, you achieve something like this where your store have got damaged reputation, leads don't convert, you get bad reviews and consumers switching to competitors. After all attempts to make up for the lack of customer support you start thinking of additional staff. However, initial financial estimates show that an operation of this nature would drive business in the hole. Is there an escape from this situation?

Outsourcing customer support is one way to cure this problem.

Businesses are increasingly relying on third service partner. Integration with service providers is not limited to large enterprises anymore. Online stores use the services of web developers, designers, marketers as well as contact centers.

A call center for an online store can provide a full range of services for working with inbound, outbound or a combination of both:

• Outbound telemarketing;

• Inbound telemarketing;

• Cold calls;

• Consultations;

• 24/7 support;

• Hotline;

• Chat support.

Incoming calls to the online store are received by trained operators who provide round-the- professional and friendly service through phone, email and live-chat channels.

An outsourcing contact center is a profitable solution for an online store that will allow you to focus on business development, without being distracted on finding and training employees and monitoring their activities.

Remote Contact Center provides the following benefits:

  • The increase in the average price of the check;
  • Providing 24/7 work;
  • Increased return / additional sales;
  • Acceleration of work processes, business analytics;
  • Detailed research of customers, the launch of telephone marketing, CRM;
  • Increase loyalty and turnover.