13 May 2019

Contact center services that are important to games studios and e-sports

Contact center services that are important to games studios and e-sports

The interactive entertainment industry is a fast-growing market that actively uses contact center services to maintain high service to games and other services subscribers.

What benefits can the eSports industry get from the contact center and how to choose the right company?

Customer support

For this task, operators with experience and interest in games are preferred because they will solve the problems associated with them. Questions coming to the call center may relate to gameplay, rules, membership, in-game purchase, game interface or functionality. Customer service in-game accounts can also provide assistance in real time or in the game via chat.

Billing and sales

Customer service can be an additional key to monetization. Offering professional customer service, the studios do not give players who are experiencing problems — whether technical, billing, or game-related — just leaving the game. Instead, this player can find a solution to the problem, then continue playing, spending money, recommending the game to friends, and then buying more games in this studio. Agents in this unit handle the payment for gaming subscriptions and memberships. Players can also send inquiries for purchases in the game and for the purchase of gaming accessories.

Technical support

Technical support operators are those with whom players contact when they need help with technical aspects of the game, such as installation and bugs. They usually solve hardware problems, so they have to be proficient in using game consoles and consumer electronics, as well as their components (memory cards, graphics cards, etc.). In some cases, they receive reports of fraud and hacking of accounts, which are also related to technical support and customer service.


It is important to remember that modern games are similar to software: they are complex, may have rapid development cycles and are almost always considered “incomplete” after release. Their continuous development allows to provide new content, features and corrections over time, which means that the customer opinion plays an integral part in the final form of the game or service. Successful contact centers use advanced analytical software to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of the customer care agents and the data they process. Thus, in addition to customer support, your company receives a lot of useful information for marketing and strategic development.

Support is part of the gameplay

The tasks of the contact center are more varied than just receiving phone calls. Contact center agents can process customer chats, send emails, monitor payments and accounts.


Gaming and cyber sports customers use a wide range of communication channels, and we set ourselves the task of helping these customers in all possible channels and provide optimum customer service. This means that the tell2tell contact center is ideal for cyber entertainment.