20 May 2019

Why Call center can make your event even more successful

Why Call center can make your event even more successful

Outsourcing call-center companies can significantly increase the number of webinars or conference visitors and strengthen brand loyalty. And that's why.

Modern digital technologies have made our life much easier. Especially for companies, that specialize in educational, self-improvement services, cloud solutions. Often webinars, training, conferences and other online events become an effective sales channel.

Landing pages give complete information about the event. Online registration forms automate the process of collecting conference participants. Calendars, email reminders, messengers or auto mailings can't afford to take any chances to forget or be late for an event. All these tools, of course, unload the team, but at the same time impersonate you as a speaker and expert. Digital technologies do not create an emotional connection between a potential client and your brand, because until people come to your event you are simply one of many information flows, for them.

Let's imagine the situation, you are going to switch to a new CRM system and found several suitable options. It is worth comparing the functionality and learns more about the capabilities of the system, so you register for free training webinars. As a potential lead, you become in the interests of all these companies: many presentations, emails, invitations, reminders have been sent. At the first stage, with the same functionality and price, you cannot give an advantage to one supplier. But one of the companies makes a little more effort to attract your attention - a brief telephone conversation, during which a company representative thanks you for registering for the webinar and asks a few questions about your needs. It is logical that the balance will tip in favor of the company that has shown a keen interest in your problems.

That is why successful coaches, speakers, training companies beginning to use outbound calls again. Based on data reported, companies that include outbound calls in their sales funnel receive 30-35% more conversion. Do not miss the opportunity to boost the traffic of your online or offline events up to 35 percent.

Why outbound calls increase the number of seminars, exhibitions, training visitors :

1. You set up an emotional connection with prospects;

2. You show a high standard of service;

3. You investigate the needs and use them for a Unique Selling Proposition;

4. You increase brand awareness.

It is important not only to prepare thoroughly, to woo your prospects, to hold a high-quality webinar but also to prepare a correct final note - outbound calls and add-on sales. By using the call center services, a company gets an excellent solution both for the first acquaintance with your clients and for collecting information after the webinar or conference. Contact center agents can conduct surveys, make additional sales or product consultation. Moreover, with the next series of events, or the release of a new product, the call center can quickly and effectively remind your customers of new opportunities.

Why is it important to use the contact center services after the webinar, training, conference:

1. You make additional sales after the event;

2. You get valuable feedback from participants;

3. You invite to new events;

4. You keep in touch with customers.