09 May 2019

Why do customers want to talk to a real person?

Why do customers want to talk to a real person?

Why offer your customers to talk to a real person if you can just replace call center operators by chatbots and use online systems to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We do not take issue with the benefits of automation. As technology changes, we need to change the way how we communicate with customers. Chatbots, online support and email are great methods for interaction between customers and business, and in cases where customers have minor problems with your products or services, they offer an adequate way to meet the challenges.

But certain things are not changeable. And one of the things that has still stable is that many people yet prefer to interact with a real person, rather than with a chatbot or an automated call answering solution. And the statistics reflected reality.

A PointSource study showed that 80% of consumers prefer to communicate with a person when they solve problems after making a purchase, rather than talking to any automated chat robot or other automated call-responding service.

Actually, come to think of it, those figures makes sense. Think back again the last time you called an airline, insurance company, or another major institution. Did you take full advantage of it by trying to get an answer from an automated system? Or would you have prefered to be connected directly to a customer service operator, who could solve your question in just a few minutes?

Below we describe a few more basic reasons why live agents are better than bots.

Customer Service Agents Can Give Very Specific Feedback

Chat bots are great for very simple questions, especially when combined with human agents who can respond to requests using the chat software. But these automated systems fail whenever the client has a difficult question, or system cannot to interpret it correctly.

Such a service leads to disappointment of a client who spends his time trying to contact a machine that will never understand him.

This frustration and anger can quickly lead to a loss of sales, since the buyer is likely to stop wasting his time and leave. If the client has a very specific question or does not know how to formulate his problem, he will always prefer the assistance of the operator in customer service, which can take into consideration context of problem.

Customer Service Agents are Quicker

Some chat bots can answer questions very quickly and efficiently - but only if your customers know how to communicate with them correctly. But most of the time chat bots are simply clumsy - and your customers will simply waste their time trying to communicate with them.

There is one more thing that makes customer service agents faster — your customers can talk to them, rather than typing. For the younger generation, this may not seem important. They grew up on the keyboards and know how to type very quickly.

Well, according to statistics, the average print speed varies around 38-40 words per minute - and this is considering that a person easily formulates a question in the text, and is quite competent.

And one more important fact. The average person can speak 125-150 words per minute - in most cases, the very fact that a person speaks instead of typing will allow him to get an answer to his question 3 times faster!

Moreover, live interaction allows customers and service agents to quickly ask each other basic questions - which can take a long time to answer through the text. In fact, resolving an issue with a live call is usually faster than trying to do it with text. In contrast to chat bots, lieve customer support can react promptly to any situations with customers, as well as quickly and efficiently answer their questions and concerns.

Сall centers better serve older customers

There are still a plenty of people, especially those over the age of 50, who is always prefer in-personal communication, because they are not familiar with digital technologies.  Although many millennials and young people would be happy to receive answers via online chat. For people who rarely, if ever, use a PC, a customer service hotline with real operators is important. And this is important for your business - there are around 29% of population in the US who are over the age of 55, and this number will double by 2060. If you don’t supply the tools to support especially such customers, you may miss out on a huge (and growing) market segment.

Although technologies such as tickets, chat support, chat bots, email support and other similar systems are powerful and useful, they are not the only right channel for customer service. It is important to understand your audience and offer a range of tools to solve customer problems.

 Complex issues that require troubleshooting and creative thinking can be handled much faster by customer service representatives.