16 May 2019

What benefits cleaning companies can get from call centers?

What benefits cleaning companies can get from call centers?

As Cleaning Services company you know how important it is for office to be kept clean and tidy. On another hand, as the call center company, we know ways to give your business a competitive edge. By outsourcing Call center, like ours, you can get a reliable assistant in dealing with new and returned customers. Our inbound and outbound solutions can transform your business processes while you focused on main business goals.

What we can offer for Cleaning Services?

Thanks to our extensive experience in customer service, we are one of the best outsourcing companies. Here is a list of the most sought-after services of the tell2tell contact center:

  • Ad campaign support;
  • Surveys and polls;
  • Online chat;
  • Info lines 0-800;
  • Dispatching service;
  • Oline shop support;
  • Virtual office;
  • Telemarketing.

Why choose tell2tell?

The main advantage of our company is that our team consists of customer support professionals. The main advantage of our contact center is its flexibility in making decisions and quick adaptation to customer requirements. We are proud that our outsourcing services have shown an amazing level of scalability. Thus, we not only help customers in their daily work, but also contribute to increasing the profits of their business.

Key benefits of working with us

Many cleaning companies choose us because we grant them certain  benefits of outsourcing call center:

  • All phone calls are recorded;

  • Working in real time;

  • We use the metrics that suit your business individually;

  • Our outsourced call center pricing is defined on an individual basis;

  • No entry fees for our cooperation;

  • Our support is scalable and well-trained.

Still wondering if the contact center can provide full support for your customers? You shouldn't think for a long time, hundreds of similar companies have shared in the benefits of remote call centers. Contact us and we will offer the appropriate scenario for your cleaning company.