Chat support

Consultations and technical support in chat rooms, ordering, receiving and recording online complaints.

We do

  • We advise clients about your product or service in the chat online.
  • We catch and process requests.
  • We make orders, book tickets, make up applications.
  • We make sales and after-sales in chat rooms or instant messengers.
  • We provide technical and other support, we act as the first line of technical support.
  • We provide technical support, act as the first line.
  • High typing performance
    > 200 characters per minute

  • Competent writing

  • Quick conversation start
    less than 5 seconds

We support all popular communication ways

Chat on website

Real-time communication with the stakeholders website customers

All popular instant messengers

Prompt response to customer calls through convenient and familiar instant messaging applications


Handling incoming emails

Calculate the cost of services for your business

Get the exact cost of our services for your project by answering a few questions.


How we are working

Define goals and objectives

We plunge into your business, study the details, define the goals of the project and create an individual launch plan.

We select a team

An effective recruitment system allows you to quickly form an ideal team for your project.

We train agents

Experienced instructors train the team according to the specifics of your project. Each participant has information about the features of your product or service at the perfect level.

We control the quality

Employees of the Quality Department constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of the conversation of each operator in order to ensure a consistently high level of quality for your project.

Project launch in 2 weeks


Prepared agents

An effective system of attracting, training and controlling agents guarantees an excellent quality of service.

Multichannel communications

We call the delight of your customers by communicating in the way they like: be it a phone, email, in-app chat or instant messenger.

Any integrations

We integrate into existing business processes. Extensive experience with popular CRM-systems and specialized software.

Tell2Tell is a modern outsourced contact center with expertise in various fields. We adapt to the needs of your business and provide it with high-quality communication with customers through the right channels.

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    4 branches
    in different cities

  • 243

    in staff

our clients

More than 300 clients for 8 years of work. Among them are both small and large companies with one-time and regular tasks.

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